Monday, August 12, 2013

Best Thing....

I was reminded the beauty of going back to basics; seeking forgiveness from God. Allah asks us to seek his forgiveness over and over and over again. And there's a beautiful reason behind it. 

Istighfar (seeking forgiveness) is something we should be doing like all the time. But me on the other hand, forgetful as always. I'll say my 'Astaghfirullahiladzim' a few times after solat and think I'm good to do for the day.

So back to what I was saying, the amazing thing about seeking forgiveness is that there's more to it then just that. Firstly, Allah actually loves to forgive since he is Al-Ghaffar, so it's on us to not sit on our bum bum and be slack about it. And secondly, Allah grants us more than just His forgiveness (as if that isn't enough already). This is where we see just how generous He is. When we make istighfar (seek forgiveness), we usually think it's just about getting forgiveness, but little did we know, receiving Allah's forgiveness comes along with so much much more. With no expectations, Allah gladly gives us more.

Allah says He will increase us in many worldly things such as granting us with more money, children and the best part, gardens and rivers in Jannah in the after life. Imagine if you did something sneaky behind your husband, wife or friends back, and then on Hari Raya day you ask her or his to forgive you. Okay, if he or she loves you he or she will forgive you, but he's or she's not going to forgive you and hand over a big packet of duit raya right? The best deal you'll get is his or her forgiving you. But with Allah, He gives us more.  Allah tells us that our life on this earth will become more beautiful and at ease if only you continuously ask for His forgiveness.

I needed this simple reminder so bad because sometimes making istighfar becomes a habitual thing that you forget its true meaning when you utter it or you don't do it enough, and with that you lose your opportunity at getting the sweet deal of gaining Allah's forgiveness and gifts in this life! I hope you guys aren't as forgetful as I am because the reward in turning back to Allah and seeking his forgiveness is just too good to pass.

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