Tuesday, July 23, 2013


if only i could catch the stars up in the sky,
i would put all of those stars near you..
so that you won't feel alone and gloomy,
even in your darkest days...

if only i have the power to fly wherever i want,
i would fly into your arms everyday,
so that you won't feel sad because of this distance between us,
and you would feel happy all the time..

if only a relationship were made to be fight-free,
i would sacrifice my pride to have only just that,
so that we won't have to waste our tears,
and our precious time arguing..

if only we were born to have the same minds, 
so that in everything we do, we would think alike,
and there will be no more unnecessary words came out from us,
that could jeopardize this relationship..

if only i thought deeply before i spoke, 
trying not to hurt you with my words,
i would just do that for the rest of my life,
so that you won't have any heartaches..

but when i can catch the stars and put it near you,
how are you going to miss me?

but when i can fly into your arms everyday,
how this relationship is going to be tested?

but when we have the same minds and think alike,
how can we know what is right, and what is wrong?

maybe there are a lot of reasons why all of these are or aren't happening to us,
to test our hearts, minds and souls, 
to make us realize that our love is true,
to make us put a lot of effort into our relationship,
so that we will be together..forever.

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