Thursday, July 4, 2013

Get Angry....Feeling Down....

I was like, eh?! And it seems that everything that has happened so far are just hitting on my nerves. Firstly, I know this isn't my character and so his. There is something must be up. Secondly, this agitated and moody feeling is something that we have to manage carefully because if not, we might end up making Allah and people around us angry. Let's not let Shaitan(the Devil) get the best of us. Only on the wrong discussion and communication both of us get very angry and upside down...Ya Allah....There is no true love accept the everlasting love is for God.....

“It’s heaven,” they say

When you love someone
And they love you back
And in their show of love
They never slack

They say things like

You’re my baby, my life
I’m yours forever
If you leave, I will die

Yes all this sweet talk

Is flattering I admit
Beggars promising kingdoms
Are typically passionate

But a majestic promise

Needs a majestic maker
And the promise of heaven
Is a majestic offer

Heaven, subhanAllah

Home and wholeness
Mysterious and Unseen
Like love
Fortress of freedom
Unshackled from struggle
Secure and Free
From loss

Contentment eternal

Forever bathed in love
Heaven could be a hut
It’d be more than enough

But Allah in His Majesty

Promises much more
Luxurious abodes
Majestic d├ęcor

Walls of gold

Floors of pearls
Magnificence, par excellence
Of all the worlds

Motivation and mockery

Irresistible, so odd
This offered to me?
A servant, so flawed

There are places in heaven

He built with His Hands
This world is just sand

So don’t promise forever

Don’t belie the fact
That we’re all beggars of time
Time we owe back

Back to Allah

Yet Al-Wadud He
Considers it a loan
Lend Him what’s His
His Jannah you’ll own

This is love personified

Incapable by you or I
Undeserved yet unmatched
From this world we must detach

Mind and heart cannot resist

Despite its blackness and disease
Ya Allah, forgive me please
I am Yours, I believe


Anonymous said...

ingatkan tak tau...tolong ok

Ein Makrai... said...

everybody knows their mistake..everybody try to change..but it needs both to change...

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