Monday, July 8, 2013

Be Patient.....

How many times do we loose our cool with people? Recently, I lost my cool with someone who was very dear to my heart. I am desperate for guidance, I am desperate for Paradise, and I am desperate for Allah swt to forgive my sins. So join me in holding our emotions and be PATIENT and KIND with people. Be SMART in dealing with them. I'm gonna need a lot of help.

Whatever happens, I trust that Allah is the one taking care of my affairs. If I've done my part i.e. put in my best effort, seeking His assistance through patience and prayer, then I should chill and let Allah handle the results. If it means that I will fail and gain losses, so be it. This outcome is possible and I should be prepared if it comes. I should prepare myself to be patient with Allah's decree because it is Him that knows best, and is most Wise and Patient. 

I hate being desperate but I think Allah knows that only desperation can humble me. Allah is so Great, He just knows everything.

"Seek assistance through patience and prayer. For sure it's difficult except for those who are humble."


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