Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A GIFT....

About elevan years ago, mashaAllah a beautiful and close to picture perfect wedding was held in the Mr M.M and Mrs A.A.B family. It was mine. Duas that Allah would bless the marriage came from left right and centre from all that came and wished us well. My family and all the  family members and family close friends went all out to help. I probably didn't thank them enough, so may Allah reward them tremendously for making that day what it was. Love you guys so much! :)

A lot of things happen for the past Eleven years an teaches me to be more matured in my life. 

The Past:
There is nothing that we can do about the past. Sometimes, even trying to understand the past is painful and hurtful. It is complicated to solve problems of things that we cannot change and when the ship has sailed. Forgive and move on. This is my jihad now. To forgive and move on.
The Future:
It is good to plan, prepare and hope for the best, but... do not expect that it will go as planned. Because, Allah swt always has a better plan! I've always been amazed how Allah swt can bring everything together in a much much much more better way. My plans are just a way for me to stay focus on something, but how they come together, that is always the best surprise of it all.
The Present:
It is called the 'present' for a reason. This 'present'/ gift is what we have. There is nothing more important then now. Now, I can decide to be better. Now, I can decide to make a lot of istighfars (seek forgiveness). Now I can decide to forgive and let it go. Now I can decide to not fight anymore. Now I can decide to pray better. Now I still have a chance to make the best of what is to come. It all comes from this gift, now. So I'm gonna shift the focus from past and future and be as PRESENT as I can to NOW
As we all know what SHAITAN gets up to the minute a couple says their I dos or in our country, says tunaaaaiiiiiiiii (I still don't get why they have to say it all weird). Shaitan starts plotting ways to break them up till the end of our life. He's ridiculously annoying isn't he? But if I could send him a whatsapp. I would definitely say, no buddy, you really didn't win this one because in your eyes you like to break a marriage or relationship, but the after math of it is even better, priceless in fact. Now this is where by happy ever after begins because I through everything and I gained a a lot of experience. 
So all I can say from this test that Allah gave me is, alhamdulillah because it brought me so much closer to my Mr A.A.A (strengthen my relationship with our Baby A inside my Bump) and my family. I guess He really does put you through some roller coasters in life, but His promise is true, in that with every hardship comes ease. Sometimes we don't see any good in the so called bad things that happen in our life. But we've got to try our best to snap ourselves out of it, and remind each other that Allah would never for a second give you something if it wasn't good for you.

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