Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Here It Come Again - Ramadhan...

Ramadhan is approaching fast. I am starting to feel the heat! hehehe... It's so exciting subhanAllah... I can't believe Allah has given me the chance to once again experience this beautiful time of trying to be close to Him. Let's just say that it's time to up the game, so people, let's share the game plan.

Ramadhan is like a 30 days spiritual marathon for me. So, if we've got big plans, let's first pray to Allah that He helps us in this journey. And secondly, let's actually think logically.

If Ramadhan is a 30 days marathon that involves feeding of the soul, then there are two elements that we have to think about. Obviously all marathons requires training. What kind of training is then required? I think this calls for a spiritual training. So let's look at some spiritual training that can help us prepare for Ramadhan.

1. Concentrate on Salah (this is the key to everything);
2. Seek for Allah's forgiveness;
3. Wake up early for Tahajjud;
4. Recite Qur'an in the morning;
5. Prepare stuff to ask on the night of Laylatul Qadr; and
6. Watch out for the nafs i.e. mouth, shopping and tv watching. 

So far, here is what I have but just this list looks like a lot for me. Maybe it's because I am struggling... It's ok, I know that if we try to walk to Allah, Allah will run to us, so let's just concentrate on the effort and let leave the results to Allah :-)

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Cik Athirah said...

ath singgah sini..salam perkenalan


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