Sunday, May 11, 2014

Week 21....

According to Mr. A.A.A I was looking rather round.

Weight Gain: 50 kilos!!!! I have never seen the scales starting with digit of 5, until now. BUT, my skirt, dress do still fit with the button up (worn under bump) So I’m thinking and hoping that it’s all bump and not rump. I was told that my face looks no fatter than normal, so that’s a good thing, right? Sort off? 
Symptoms: Eased off this week, we were on our Babymoon, so no night-time cramps which I am now putting down to being sat at my desk all day. More distracting walks around the office it is... 
Sretchmarks: None yet! But if the whole ‘genetics’ thing is to be believed it won’t be long (Sad face) Thanks for that Mother.
Movement: Lots and Lots, mostly when I am relaxing. Hubby thought he felt a tiny kick and a Baby A heart beating but he wasn't sure, I think he was expecting his hand to be blown away.
Belly button: Still an inny (think so)
Cravings: Unfortunately not eating anything that can be excused as a craving!

(My belly Button - Under the dress..)

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