Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Affair....My Best Friend...

I cannot imagine having a best friend any other then my husband. He is such a responsible and 
caring man. Even there is “secret” between us but both of us tried to settle the “secret” it in every discussions we had including work matters, problems, or any satisfaction between us. We are always be there for each other. I want to tell you guys more, but I feel like I want to keep my marriage bits a secret because it might seem unrealistic to some. But in all honesty, my husband is constantly in my prayers as I cannot find any other way to repay the love he has shown me. So I ask Allah swt to reward him as only Allah can give him the best.

In my marriage, although I am a wife who accompanies her husband, cooks, clean, takes care the children and the house when he is not around etc, I find it not natural for me to humble myself before my husband. Seriously. I don't do it because of Mr A.A.A, but because God asks me to be humble and to take pride and honour in serving others, starting with those who are closest around me. All praises to God, I know that characters can change. I know that us humans are creatures of habit. Characters are a compilation of the little daily habits that we do. So if I want to change from being a person that is arrogant, I must start to purify my intentions to please God, and start to look for new habits to serve people who I love for the sake of God.

So guess what, after realizing this, I decided firstly, to take up a small habit which is, every time Mr. A.A.A comes home, I can serve him a glass of tea, or water. I believe in starting with something that is simple and consistent. Secondly, now I take time to perfect my preparation of food. Sometimes when Mr. A.A.A comes home from work, I get annoyed if I am alone in the kitchen cooking and to look after our children. I always feel like I want him to help out so I don't feel like I am his maid. Now, I take time to make a silent prayer in my heart while I am busy doing the housewife jobs. 
For example, "Oh my Lord, please make my food good, please make this food a nourishment for us to eat so we can become better servants to You, God." And then I try my best to make the food taste good and have healthy ingredients. And I really enjoy doing it on my own. I love that I get to take pride in serving my husband as a way to get me closer to God. It's such a nice feeling, Glory be to God. I've never ever had this feeling before. I have a long way to go since I battle with ego all the time, but I feel that God is slowly guiding me. Please make dua (prayers) for me to become a better servant of God since I'm going to need all the help that I can get :-)!

May Allah swt protect our relationship and let each others happy place in this world and the hereafter and may He let our eternal reunion be in Jannatul Firdaus (highest level of Paradise). :)

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