Monday, June 9, 2014

Likes & Dislikes.....

Being pregnant is such an overwhelming experience for any lady to deal with and like everything there are certain things I have loved about being pregnant and some things that I enjoyed quite so much. I wouldn't say there are things I 'hate' about being pregnant as I know it will all be worth it in the end!!

Things I love

1. Feeling our Baby A's kicking- I first felt baby kicking around 18 weeks, first of all it wasn't really a popping sensation that some people describe, it was more like a reflex feeling, you know the kind of feeling you would get when you hit your knee as a kid to make your leg kick, it just comes out of nowhere. Now at 24 weeks, I don't stop feeling kicks and punches, we have one very active baby, and even Mr. A.A.A got to feel it everyday...

2. Nail growth- I have the tiniest nail beds ever, seriously one stroke of a nail brush covers my whole nail! However since being pregnant my nails have grown incredibly well and are much stronger than they have ever been.

3. Shopping- of course! Any excuse. I love buying nice little treats for myself, I deserve them, right? 

Things I dislike

1. Tiredness- I suffer with any mentionable morning sickness but during the first 12 weeks I was exhausted, I would fall on the bed at 6.15 pm every evening and not be able to physically move, thankfully this didn't last long and so far my second trimester has left my full of beans.

2. Bad Skin- Again this is temporary, during the pregnant my skin suffered terribly 

3. Boob and Back ache- most likely related. All that extra weight is really putting a strain on my back. I have found a heated wheat bag to really help, that and a nice back massage from Mr. A.A.A.

4. Sleeping on my side- I am a front sleeper and sleeping on my side has not been going down to well, the weight of the bump really doesn't help with back ache, I have to switch sides every hour as I wake up and the side I am on is numb. 

5. Lack of clothes-This has become such a chore, I have resisted in buying anything 
maternity apart from a bra, and work trousers. I have just ordered a work dress and trousers so I will let you know how I get on with those.

6. Leg Cramps- these have probably been the worst thing I have suffered, to the point where I wake up at night and can't talk where they are so painful, prompting Mr.A.A.A to jump out of his side run round and stretch my leg out of spasm. I have also had to dump my shopping trolley half way around to go and sit in the car and stretch out my foot. Dioralytes have been my savior, they are usually given to kids after a bout of diarrhea for re-hydration, but if you are suffering like me these are totally worth the foul taste, they really help put all the goodness, salts and water back into your body. If you can't find these a good alternative is an energy drink containing electrolytes - lucozade etc.
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